Yoga Class

Yoga Classes
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Yoga Class

We have an active Yoga shala
set up with good quality mats and props.

Daily classes are offered,
starting from 7.30 am 

PLEASE CHECK OUR SCHEDULE for more info about events and workshops
on the Google page
or on instagram @lebamboobali


  • Morning Flow - mix of gentle Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini chants and Meditation techniques
  • Yin Yoga - relax a little further with this meditative practice that holds postures for 3-5 minutes, giving you a deep tissue massage and meridian line activation.

  • Sound Healing - using Tibetan sound healing bowls, chants, chimes made in Auroville and Trinaupial Beats these sounds will bring you deep into meditation, relaxation and healing.

  • Breathwork - Every Wednesday 4pm. SOMA Breathwork using the Wim Hoff method and Trinaupial beats music. Altered states of consciousness guaranteed.

  • Fly yoga - Using the help of belts hooked onto the ceiling, help yourself extend the spine more deeply using gravity as your best friend. Beginners welcome.


Price: 120 000Rp / 90 m, including a fresh coconut or juice at the end :)



Our main in house teacher is Julia Turcato, trained in India and Indonesia over several years in Ashtanga, Yin, Sound healing, Breathwork and Fly High. She is also a qualified Art Therapist and working in the realms of healing for many years.

For more information check her website