Yoga Class

Yoga Classes
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Yoga Class

We have an active Yoga shala
set up with good quality mats and props.

Daily classes are offered,
7.30 a.m. and/or 4 p.m.
Classes are usually a blend of
Meditation, Yoga and Sound Healing.


  • Morning Flow - mix of gentle Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini chants and Meditation techniques
  • Yin Yoga - relax a little further with this meditative practice that holds postures for 3-5 minutes, giving you a deep tissue massage and meridian line activation.

  • Sound Healing - using Tibetan sound healing bowls, chants, chimes made in Auroville and Trinaupial Beats these sounds will bring you deep into meditation, relaxation and healing.

  • Breathwork - Every Wednesday 4pm. SOMA Breathwork using the Wim Hoff method and Trinaupial beats music. Altered states of consciousness guaranteed.

  • Fly yoga - Using the help of belts hooked onto the ceiling, help yourself extend the spine more deeply using gravity as your best friend. Beginners welcome.


Price: 100 000Rp / hour, including a fresh coconut juice at the end :)



Our main in house teacher is Julia Turcato, trained in India and Indonesia over several years in Ashtanga, Yin, Sound healing, Breathwork and Fly High. She is also a qualified Art Therapist and working in the realms of healing for many years.

For more information check her website